June 06, 2008

A Special Thank You To:

We have a WONDERFUL gestational surrogate who is helping the Kents for no compensation. Thank you so much Misti! We have attorneys in place to do the contract and the prebirth order. We have had several attorneys volunteer and we are very grateful for that. Hilary Neiman of Maryland and Greg Stern of Texas will be doing the contracts. Victoria Ferrara of CT and Elizabeth Swire Falker of NY have also offered their help. Dr. Richard Hanson of Florida has offered his services for psych screenings. The Kent's RE is donating his services. Because only 1 out of 4 embryos will likely be a match, the doctor wants to put Maria through a fresh cycle so there will be enough embryos to test and to have a good outcome. Although the doctor is donating his services, some things are out of his hands. We will need to pay for the PGD to test the embryos to make sure they are a match for Hailey, labs/testing, travel for Misti to come for testing and/or the transfer, medical deductibles and co-pays, medications for both Maria and Misti for a fresh cycle, and whatever else that can come up during this journey. We would also like to thank Family Source Consultants, Angelmatcher, Earthly Angels Consulting, Parenting Partners, and Circle Surrogacy for contributing to the Hailey Kent Benefit Fund. You are wonderful! The Hailey Kent Benefit Fund is growing a little more each day, and for that we'd like to send out a special thank you to everyone that is making this miracle possible. THANK YOU!

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